Technology Governance

Academic Technology and Information Technology Services are collaborating to establish a campus-wide, shared technology governance body. This committee will aim to better align our technology resources with the strategic priorities of the University.

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Why Shared Technology Governance?

Circular diagram containing 4 labeled quarters: “Awareness”, “Alignment”, “Accountability”, “Adoption”


  • Raise awareness of campus technology portfolio of services and solutions
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration and areas of duplication


  • Link investments to strategic priorities
  • Prioritize within and across technology portfolios
  • Manage risk and return


  • Provide feedback on technology services and solutions
  • Measure and evaluate outcomes of major projects
  • Foster alignment across campus technology providers in support of strategic goals
  • Encourage confidence in the process through transparency and consistency


  • Sponsor projects
  • Enable change management strategies
  • Promote technology strategies

Shared Technology Governance powerpoint presentation for stakeholders (select the link to download).


 Spring 2022

Broad Engagements

  • Present the governance framework
  • Answer Questions
  • Demonstrate Value

Summer 2022

First Committee Meeting

  • Assemble the committee
  • Committee defines schedule & commitment
  • Draft and finalize the charge

Fall 2022

Subcommittees Organize

  • Subcommittees form and organize around committee charge
  • Standardize processes and communications
  • Communicate processes to University community


Normalize Processes

  • Review existing project work
  • Begin accepting project requests
  • Evaluate process effectiveness and adjust